by Joni Abilene

Boy, that was a long stretch without a post. Yeah. Sorry about that. I was a little busy with life and writing. And writing about life (or at least my version).

I’m currently trying to query a book of interconnected short stories called Woodsocket ’79. Story collections are, unfortunately, a hard sell. One thing to do is to get a few pieces placed in the pro pay market. So . . . I’ll be working hard toward that, but I will also query in the hope of getting a bite. Querying stresses me out, but I also love it because you just never know when someone will ask for a full or partial.I love opening email and seeing those words. But it’s also quite painful to see a rejection. I’m in good company. That’s one thing all us writers can share: rejection. In that I find comfort.

Thanks for reading. I’ll try to write more often! Heck, six months would be more frequent. I’ll aim for less than that.