by Joni Abilene

1979 is the year I’m totally obsessed with, perhaps because it was before John Lennon died. But I think it has more to do with the way the world changed after 1979: music, society, everything seemed to rush forward into a new way of thinking. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best thinking, if you ask me. It was an organic, sensual world that went to cold-shouldered egoism. I read a lot of old advertisements in vintage magazines, and there was a sort of innocence and humor that is no longer present these days. There’s something beautiful about a society that is allowed to not know what cool really is. We’re so painfully aware of perfection; we’re so adult; we’re so all knowing. And yet, we have an increasingly violent society, as if knowing all has depleted our temperance for kindness. All the growing room is gone, and the only thing left to do is to act out. I’m not suggesting we all become sheep, but I would suggest we let go of our keen awareness of everything rigidly perfect. Be children, hold on to innocence, hold on to your sense of humor, play once in a while, do silly things, invest your heart in something that doesn’t guarantee a return. Just be a human.

So anyway, that’s one reason why I love the 70’s, because they held much more simplicity than today. But from an artistic viewpoint, I just love the style. It was kind of surreal, kind of sexy. I like things with scratches and flaws–like vinyl records. There was also an honesty that I love–that whole who am I? generation.

There are other reasons, and I could list them all, but I need some coffee.