by Joni Abilene

Okay, so these last few days I have been reading voraciously to infer my own MFA program. I’m calling it, My Fucking Answer to being a better writer. Let’s hope it works. Maybe I’ll even print off a diploma when I’m done. So, I read tons, and steadily write my next book (my thesis) and then edit the sucker to perfection.

So I read The Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers on Friday night. I’d already read it, but I wanted to go through it again. Then I read a short story by Chekhov—The Bet, a short by Catherine Ann Porter—Rope, a little bit of Midnight Cowboy (one of my favorite books) . . . I wish I had some Vonnegut, because I’m in the mood for him today. One book I wish I had around is Terms of Endearment, I just need something to fall into today. Might have to go to the bookstore.

And that’s it. Time to make breakfast.