New ideas

by Joni Abilene

I’ve been writing a vignette style book about a man and woman who travel the Midwest in a Cimarron camper. He’s a photographer with some backstory: got married young, took his baby bride and new Cimarron out for a honeymoon way back when. She broke his heart and he’s been a lonely drifter ever since. This last trip he’s joined by a fleer of domestic abuse. I don’t know yet if I’m going to have them come together romantically, but I do know they will have some deep conversations (or at whatever my feeble brain come come up with that sounds deep). They’ll meet other people at campsites, towns, bars, etc. His backstory winds through the book: marriage, Vietnam, loves—both failed and bittersweet—as well as her backstory of abuse. And in between that, I’ll try to describe the landscapes that he sees through his camera viewfinder. But yeah, it’s all vignette style. I hope I’m not killing it by talking about it right now. That would suck.

It’s raining so much!!!!! I love the rain, but geez, enough already!

Think I’ll go to the store and get my kids some markers so we can make some beautiful art after they get home from school. Then it’s spaghetti night. Ciao! (Okay, that was totally corny. I’m not even Italian)