by Joni Abilene

I’m still depressed about Danny. I should have known the book would have ended the way it did.

I’m also depressed because I tried to go to church today per my mother’s request, but with the holiday and a family to feed, and dress, I just couldn’t get it all done in time. If I had gotten up at 5 a.m. things would have gone smoother, but I got up at the lazy hour of 7 a.m. and things went to shit. Now God hates me, but more importantly, my mom is mad at me. She wouldn’t have liked my outfit anyway; it was too short, too glitzy. It’s an emerald green dress with sequins on the front. Nice for Easter, but with all the embellishments and the knee-length hem (insert the fact that I’m 5’11”) you have an outfit unsuitable for maternal figures. I tried wearing boots to cover up some skin, but they only made the dress length seem more provocative. Then we have my hair, it’s long. I’m a hippy. I’ll never have trim and neat hair ala Jackie Kennedy. It wouldn’t look right on me, and anyway, I love having long hair.

What do you do when you’re trying to save your soul, but your mother holds the key to salvation–only the key is a pair of shears and a two-piece sweater set with pearls?