Live and Let Live

by Joni Abilene

I’ve seen it too many times. One thing sacrificed for the other. The other is usually sports based, and the thing has roots in the humanities, thus making it questionable; liberal; expendable; I can picture the two as objects fighting it out, with the liberal artistic thingy falling to the ground after a big, sweaty punch. You can always do arts at home. Keep it secret, kept it safe. Keep it.

Publishing is not a DIY project. A writer needs mentors, editors, copy editors, acquisition editors, and a college writing program needs to get its feet wet by participating in each of these fields. Anyway, someone’s got to write those sports programs.

If there is any money to be cut, cut it equally among all the programs, and not just one. Were talking academics here. Reading, writing, contemplating, philosophizing, rational thought, the encapsulation of life. Life. All of this, I would think, would be essential in any college. If you cut the University of Missouri Press, you cut the core of academics. The real meaning to teach, and to learn.

My grandfather had used to repeat an old quote and I’ve never forgotten, “He who destroys a good book kills reason itself.”

Do not kill the University of Missouri Press. Find a way to keep it around. There are books—the real bread of life—waiting to be born. Society depends upon it, now more than ever.