Erratic post

by Joni Abilene

Listening to the Eagles. And it’s beautiful outside. The trees out front still have their leaves and they’re so bright red that the light coming in my living room window is pink. The walls are pink, the air is pink. Everything is pink. I love fall.

After the record ends I might pick up my guitar and sing a few songs.

I’ve come to a realization. I would rather write short stories than novels. But I won’t give up on writing full-length pieces because I know I have a few in me. But for now, my passion is definitely in short stories. I think it’s the new art movement of our times. Having said that, I’ll probably hate short stories tomorrow and start writing a book. Tune in to find out.

A migraine is squeezing my chest and stabbing at  my eyeballs, but I took a couple of Exedrin to ease things up a bit. Come. On. Work already. I hate getting these things.

Next . . . more Eagles.