The Yin, the Yang, real men drink Tang

by Joni Abilene

I was reading about masculinity and femininity and how we choose to harness either or both when we deal with our everyday problems. Being a woman I’ve tried to be more feminine in my actions, but there are times when I get angry about certain topics and  think, “Being soft and kind isn’t going to solve this,” and I dip into that hard-edged testosterone method of blocking out the weak to get the job done. I’ve come to realize that blocking anything out is a weakness in itself, so whatever you call it, masculine, feminine, it’s wrong. There’s strength in accepting that which we hate and which we fear; that which causes us to think, to feel, to cry, because it opens us to acceptance, which is the hardest thing of all to do. Perhaps being feminine is stronger than being masculine. Does it even matter?