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Month: April, 2013

Scattering of thoughts

The sun is shining and my mood is mostly likely to follow. I am weak and malleable like that. It’s been too long, almost a week, and really longer than that if you count that the sun stays only in fleeting moments. God, how I’ve missed it.

The kids are up so I have to write fast. Just wanted to get something on here quick because I have been really bad about posting lately. But I have been good about writing fiction, and the the two, it seems, can’t come together at the same time. I’d rather write something for a book, than for a blog.

Anyway, Kansas is going straight from winter to summer. What can you do? I’m just sick of sitting around counting freckles.

Today I’m going to clean and read as much as I can of Washington Square. Found it last night while searching for something to read that I haven’t yet.

And that’s about it.


A Poem

If I am glass

and all my transparencies float

through your dining hall and smoke-filled selections

with hair lingering white, or steelish gray or falling out in tufts and bundles

and my blood is ash

dead and billowing

or ice

or some sort of substance that isn’t

and you hold her

and you two waltz

maybe a threesome to match the beat

three people waltzing through

the fog

the mist

the nothingness

that is something, but isn’t

still isn’t

and the cracks that ripple

the cracks that tear

that pierce feet, that send shivers through souls

that reach into synapses and digs

and shocks

and the threesome pulls away into a rift

that drifts

that rift reaching, screaming

please get me

see me

but there’s too much smoke

and I am glass

and this dust that is my blood

will always grit inside your eyelids

and make you cry