Scattering of thoughts

by Joni Abilene

The sun is shining and my mood is mostly likely to follow. I am weak and malleable like that. It’s been too long, almost a week, and really longer than that if you count that the sun stays only in fleeting moments. God, how I’ve missed it.

The kids are up so I have to write fast. Just wanted to get something on here quick because I have been really bad about posting lately. But I have been good about writing fiction, and the the two, it seems, can’t come together at the same time. I’d rather write something for a book, than for a blog.

Anyway, Kansas is going straight from winter to summer. What can you do? I’m just sick of sitting around counting freckles.

Today I’m going to clean and read as much as I can of Washington Square. Found it last night while searching for something to read that I haven’t yet.

And that’s about it.