Must, I must . . .

by Joni Abilene

I can feel it happening. Summer is killing my writing mojo. Last summer I allowed myself a brief hiatus, which turned into a full drought. The longer I went without writing, the harder it was to get motivated and the less I believed I had it in me to write again. When fall started I forced myself to pick up a pen again, and then I couldn’t stop. So, I know it’s all a state of mind. Yesterday I did not get my two pages done, but I’m telling myself that it’s OK because I wrote tons earlier in the week. Today I am determined to get those pages finished, even if the last word comes a second before midnight.

Short story collections are big right now as are non-fiction essays. I am good at both, but for some reason I can’t get motivated to write essays at the moment. I know I could kick ass, but my brain is really stuck on this novel. I’m focused on it, so worried about finishing it before fall, that I can’t concentrate on any other projects. I think once I get used to the new summer schedule I might be able to pump out my daily pages for the novel and an essay. The cool thing is, once I get a few together I’ll have another book. Not that I’m trying to be some fast, prolific book pumper-outer. I can’t stand it when people write fast and publish fast all for the fame of being published. But I do already have a good-sized grouping of essays, and a few more would make a book. That’s all.

But first, I gotta get these two pages out of my brain. Maybe a sandwich and some tea first?