Carrying On

by Joni Abilene

So, after finishing Woman in Love I found myself suffering real pain over the loss of Keith Day. I have a thing for outspoken male characters. Okay, I have a thing for outspoken men in real life too. One time this fellow started up a FUCK Facebook campaign on his blog and that was it for me.  All plutonic of course. I just lusted after his fierce vernacular for a year and then let it all fade into the nether.

But in a fictional sense I fall in love too, which is nice and safe and happy and no one ever has to say goodbye. Now I wouldn’t typically extend a character just because I missed them, but I did have a grand idea for a new book and that’s what opened the doors to carry on. I’ve put Keith in his own book, first person narrative. We’ll see how it goes. Don’t want to spark the bad voodoo by talking to much about it, but so far I am enjoying the new wip and plan to carry on the same way as WIL—two pages a day (at least) until the plot is resolved. If that happens in 50k, fine. 80k, fine.

One thing I have to say, not having a wip to spew out was killing me. Never do the funny stuff, hardly drink, and so I gotta have my writing.

Life’s just a lot more fun on fiction.