by Joni Abilene

I’m feeling incredibly nostalgic this week because my kids went back to school and I keep having these flashes of memories of them when they were babies, us going to the park, library, whatever. Hell, I even miss last week when we went to the fair. It’s always hard when school starts up. I’d homeschool them but, well, I don’t miss them that much. Just don’t like an empty house, is all. I like the sound of Spongebob, Minecraft; I love to make cookies and know that someone’s going to run in the kitchen and steal a spoonful of dough. So what’d I get done today? Well, I journaled and that’s about it.

In other news, it’s a beautiful day here in eastern Kansas. The sun is out, it’s about mid-70’s, and I just saw a monarch butterfly outside. Looks like we’ll have an early fall–hopefully a long one. The last thing we need is another long winter. No thanks. Last year was the winter from hell. No need for a repeat. Yessir, I’d love a long fall, a mild winter here in Kansas, and an early spring. Anything else just won’t do.

My kids are talkin’ Halloween already. Spiders, ghosts and everything spooky. I told them, let’s just get through summer and school first, okay?

God this house is quiet.