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by Joni Abilene

Just thought I should jump in here real quick to say that I’M STILL ALIVE. Editing is taking up quite a bit of my time, and to tell you the truth writing a blog is the last thing I feel needs to be done. I do love blogs and blogging, but, you know, in the grand scope of life it’s not the most important, and really someone being quiet once in a while is kinda nice. At least in my opinion it is. Remember that Depeche Mode song, Enjoy the Silence? Yeah. That.

So I’m waiting for the fall stuff to start up. Any time now. Every afternoon I sit in my hot car in the child pickup lane at my kids’ school, sweltering away like a Polish sausage in a street vender’s cart. It’s a no idle zone, which means I can’t turn on the aircon. Oh God. It’s a long hour in that car. I don’t mind the waiting. I’m a very patient person. But I’ve been sweating in strange places. It’s a bit horrifying. But whatever, in a few months I’ll be freezing to death and will say, Remember when it was hot and I could still feel my toes? 

So, now that I’m done editing I can go back to writing which is my favorite thing to do. Can’t stand this reality stuff. Please. I was born to live a fictional existence. I love my characters and miss them when I can’t write.

That’s about it. No nuggets of great wisdom here. But then, did I promise any?

Take some tomatoes on your way out—the garden is out of control and I’m sick of eating them all by myself. And you can have those rotten bananas too. Actually, wait. I’ll make banana bread tomorrow. Leave those. As always, thanks for stopping by.