Karma, karma, there’s always karma

by Joni Abilene

Every morning I go to a website that gives free angel readings. Something to help me figure out how the hell I’m gonna get through another day. I like the angel cards that tell me Relax, everything’s fine, the angels are watching over you. Thank God, I say. Thank the freaking Lord something is watching over me. By midmorning, my relief has been replaced by paranoia. How am I going to pay for this bill, for that bill? Will my car tires last another week? Will my kids get sick again? Will we all get strep throat and end up on the couch watching marathons of Ghost Hunters on Syfy? I go back to the angels who tell me, Heaven is looking out for you.

I  breathe deep, do yoga, chant words I can’t pronounce with my fingers clamped together in delicate little teardrop shapes. I need the universe to work. Good things need to happen.

The angels want you to know you are special. 

All your troubles will be over soon.

Keep reaching for the highest potential of prosperity. 

Don’t give up.

I want to believe them. Okay, okay. I do believe them. I’m a pollyanna at heart. I hug trees and wear Chinese good luck beads. Someday something wonderful is gonna happen. It’s just building, that’s all. Like one great big pulsating volcano of good luck.

Tomorrow will be your perfect day.

I believe you, angels. I really do.