Workin’ on a Pitch

by Joni Abilene

Johnny Cool is the hottest DJ in LA. He plays what he wants and the money’s rolling in. That is, until he says ‘twat’ on air. You wouldn’t think one stupid word could ruin a man’s life, but ‘twat’ (twat, twat, twat) gets him fired, and soon he’s on the street, and he ain’t Johnny Cool anymore, he’s Johnny Nobody. First he finds Marci, the sexy good luck charm. She’ll get him through. Nope. She’s got a nose to feed and boyfriends all over town. Johnny knows that scene too well. He knows how it ends. He drives. He’s used to driving. Didn’t he drive all the way from Kansas to LA when he was a kid? Two hitchhikers wearing white gowns want a ride. They’re headed to the New Distinction. One’s called Luna, the other Stardust. They really dig Johnny. They dig him so much they want him to joint the cult. But if it ain’t one cult, it’s another. The whole fucking world’s a cult. Johnny drops them off in Joshua Tree and hits the road looking for towers. Anyone who needs a voice, a pitchman, a nomad with good taste in Rock and nothing else left to lose . . .