Decisions, decisions . . .

by Joni Abilene

This is my current state: four projects started and I need to pick one. There’s no way I can work on this many books at the same time! Also, currently querying The Starlights. Two requests and waiting to hear back from others. The Starlights is a good example of a book that was written in almost one sitting, stream of consciousness. That’s why I cried at the end, and still cry when I think about it. So many emotions surfaced while writing that book. I feel like I’m partly there, in that time, in Keith’s head.

The projects I’ve started and need to finish:

Alice: Alice Prin in Montparnasse, early 1900’s. First chapter complete.

At the Movies: Cinema nerds Siskel & Ebert. First chapter.

The Secret Life of Johnny Cool: Forty pages. I can get it to novel length, but mostly I just want to finish the damn thing no matter what the word count is.

Love and Lust at the Dairy Stop Café: Novel about young Sally ‘Brigitte’ Brandenburg and photographer Gerald Vick, a mystery man from Nacogdoches, Tx. Almost one hundred pages. Hit a temporary snag.

I need to pick one. Usually, I go by whatever I started first, which means I have to finish The Secret Life of Johnny Cool. Fine by me, because I was listening to Dark Side of the Moon while working on it, and I don’t mind going back and falling into the whole thing again.

And that’s it. The remainder of my summer is clogged with too much writing. Again, I have to choose and stay stuck or not choose and stay nuts.