Like a train

by Joni Abilene

It’s starting to be fall-like here in mid-east Kansas. After a somewhat mild summer, it’s with a bit of guilt that I gladly accept the changing of colors and cooler air. Even the sky is bluer. I love an autumn sky, I really do. But in the back of my mind there’s a voice saying, ‘Don’t trust it. Winter’s coming.’ Because that’s what fall really is, right? Pre-winter. That’s the pessimist in me talking, but I can’t help it. Winter is coming and with it there’ll be shorter days and longer nights, death cold air, and a hopeless feeling of being confined. I mean, the birds leave, ’cause they know. They know. And here we are, the humans, stuck on the ground because we have arms instead of wings.

It can’t be summer forever, and fall comes and goes like a train. I wish it would last. I wish all the good stuff would last.