Happy Publish Day: The Starlights


These last few months have been crazy, but somehow I was able to pull my head from the chaos and get an actual project done. Like, done as in, publish a book. When I completed The Starlights back in early summer, I knew it had come out as envisioned, aside from a few tweaks in the ending which weren’t really tweaks so much as patching in some of the emotional spots that had been too hard to deal with during the first round. When I began the query process (which can be so humiliating!) I remember thinking, “If agents reject this book, they’ll reject everything I do.” I think I felt that way because The Starlights was the culmination of everything I’ve ever wanted to write in a novel, so basically, if it got rejected, I’d never be able to come up with a product anyone in the commercial strata would want to take on. I mean, I’d have to become a totally different writer to accommodate, which is possible, but damn I’d be unhappy. So, after months of querying in patches and then waiting in patches, I decided that if I loved it and felt it was ready, then why the hell was I wasting so much time sitting on it? Just publish the darn thing and move on to something else. So, that’s what I did. Last week I made a cover, did some quick edits and now it’s available. The Starlights is about being young in a small town and finding out who you are as a sexual being. It’s raw and uncensored and it’s real. It’s about music and friendship and finding out what makes us thrive and what takes away our dignity. So, I hope you buy it and enjoy it. And as always, thank you for the love and support!

Amazon link for The Starlights.