Free Friday

by Joni Abilene

Hello folks! If you’d like to read one of my books, head on over to Amazon and snag yourself a copy. Thank you!

My Zygotic Creation: Still healing from her parent’s divorce, 15-year-old Frankie Weaver longs to know if she’s the result of stupidity or true love.  Amazon.

The Moonflowers: During the summer of ’76, mother and son Jane and Keith Day face the heartbreak of divorce and new love amid a small town setting. Amazon.

The Starlights: A sequel to The Moonflowers. Through Keith Day’s deeply personal viewpoint we experience the helplessness of suicide. Scared his friend Mark will do it again, Keith acts a clown and counselor, but in the process finds himself doing stupid things just to keep sane. Keith knows it’s wrong to be with the older, married Suzanne, but loneliness and fear tears him apart. Does Suzanne really love him, and is it really possible to stop someone from suicide when they don’t have any will to live? Amazon.