How do the lights shine in the halls Shambala



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Ooooh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Shalalalala. I  mean, really. How do they?

I don’t know what I’m talking about, only, that song was on my playlist, so . . .

Where have I been? Contemplating so much, thinking, thinking, doing, being. Not writing, unfortunately. But listen, I wrote a freakin’ ton the last few years and I guess it was time to take a break or something. Kind of disconcerting to wake up every day and not do the one thing you’ve done for years straight. The good news is I had a fabulous Christmas and New Years with my kids and no longer feel I have to make myself do something to be a valuable person on this planet. If I wanna write, I’ll write. If I don’t, I won’t. No worries.

Ahhh . . .

And, I mean, the world could end tomorrow so . . . hand me a margarita.

One thing I did for pleasure (is there such a thing?) is watch old episodes of One Day at a Time. Now listen, I know it’s cheesy, I don’t get into soap operas, or any TV show, but man that wacky mother and her two crazy teenage daughters sucked me in. McKenzie Phillips was everything in that show. So, yeah, I cleaned the kitchen, ate chocolate, and watched ODAAT. And Maude. Oh, fuck. Yes, I watched Maude. Anyway, notice how sexy her daughter is in that show? Holy shit. I don’t really swing that way, but I would. Oh yeah, one time on Facebook there was a quiz called: How Gay are You? And I took it. And it said I was 100% not gay. But see, I’m pretty sure there’s a little bit in there. Aren’t we all?

What else did I do? Yoga. Read. Listened to Janis Joplin and Arcade Fire and The Rolling Stones. Meditated.

That’s not a lot. But it’s a lot.

How about you? What’s your MO?

Thanks for stopping by.


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