It’s 1976, Jane and Keith Day are like the night-blooming cereus with its fragile petals that only come out after dark. Jane’s never bloomed; for years she’s blanched under husband Grant’s jalapeño words and firecracker fingers. She longs to discover the true ways of love—to be touched and approached with gentleness and desire. Keith is fourteen and aches for his father’s approval, to be taught the ways of manhood, to learn how to drive, to grow—just enough—to look down, not up.

Eric Church is the injured Vietnam vet with nothing to lose. He’s a rule breaker; he says he’ll teach Jane ‘things;’ he speaks of Billie Holiday, and motorcycles, and all that philosophy. Most of all are his tattoos: Nevada, New York, South Dakota. Jane wants Eric and doesn’t know how to tell him, but if she doesn’t, he’ll jump on his Harley and leave town.

Suzanne Brandenburg is the hot housewife who’ll ‘Hot Damn!’ your heart out, and Keith is falling in love. He wants her to want him and is determined to make it happen.

Jane and Keith have been hiding in the dark too long. They’re THE MOONFLOWERS, and their time to stand in the sun is now.

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